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Working as a technology professional for many years, I became increasingly better at becoming more proactive in the work that I do. I would go out of my way early on in any project to make sure things were set up correctly and set up for the long term by focusing on the future plans of the business. When I used to interview for jobs, I’d get asked where I see myself in 6-12 months, and I would always say with my feet up on the desk because there wasn’t a tech problem to be found, since I worked my tail off to proactively set up a system that worked for their unique, long-term needs. I was proud of the fact that I could build a tech infrastructure where there were no problems, then focus on staying on top of new issues that may arise and stopping them before they do.

As I continued to develop this new, proactive way of thinking, I noticed that most tech professionals overwhelmingly focus on quick fixes. Tech companies would constantly be putting out the fires in front of them or applying band-aid “solutions,” only to have the problem resurface or trigger a brand-new problem. They just don’t have a proactive mindset. Because they have a reactive approach and they are not trained to foresee problems, it actually means they have a constant presence within any business. These businesses will see their IT guy all the time and assume that’s a good thing because their IT guy is always there helping with problems… But, in reality, that’s like thinking the police are working really well because they’re always writing an incident report about the most recent burglary.

I see IT differently. To me, a correct IT infrastructure means that you should NEVER see your IT guy, because there’s never anything wrong. Because of that, I made the decision to go into business for myself, and I made the decision to change and disrupt the tech industry. When somebody works with me, they don’t see me… Not because I am not working, but because I build IT infrastructure in such a way that it just works. And I’m constantly monitoring it remotely to make sure that it’s always up to date, always working, and is future-proof. I take the time to understand exactly where the client’s business is going, what they need to accomplish, and what kind of technology they need to achieve their long-term goals. The clients I work with need their IT to just work, not for me to constantly come in and fix it when it breaks.  That’s why today, my team and I work with organizations across America to ensure that proactive management and smart technology growth is simply a given, one that eliminates tech stresses and supports their businesses long-term.

“I see IT differently. To me, a correct IT infrastructure means that you should NEVER see your tech guy because there is never anything wrong.”

Why The Tech Phantom?

I call myself the Tech Phantom because to me, if I’m doing my job right, you should never ever see me. I’m working behind the scenes making sure that your technology works like a dream and then once a year we meet and look at your business strategy and how your technology needs should sync with that and then it just continues to run. The only way you should ever know that I exist is that occasionally, like maybe when a device might fail and you’d need me to physically come in and fix that, but the rest of the time I’m operating behind the scenes. My goal is that nobody ever thinks, where’s the tech guy, because the only time somebody should ever think that is when something’s going wrong.

The businesses I work with need their Technology to just work, not someone to come in and fix it when it breaks.

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A lot of the companies I have dealt with think that it’s normal for technology to go down.  But it doesn’t have to be that way if it’s setup and managed correctly.

If you have any questions or would like to strike up a converstation, please get a hold of me by any means listed on the Contact Page.

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